Ingredients used in our Cleanses

Often, we get requests asking where one can find the ingredients that are required to do the cleanses. We try to help by providing a list of all the common ingredients and places where we can buy them in India. For products that are not easily available in the Indian market like the Zapper or Pulser, you may have to order them online.

Availability of Ingredients

We do NOT promote any products, brands or sellers. However, we get several requests from people enquiring about the availability of these products. For extra virgin olive oil, black molasses and Apple Cider vinegar, you can try the food section of shopping malls in your city or a nearby big city. For Epsom salt, you can usually find it in any nearby Chemist shop. For Corn Silk, you need to ask in any Unani Hakim shop. Zapper and Clarkia’s tincture is available only in USA and you can order them online from USA.

If you still have difficulty in obtaining these products, the following shop generally have all the ingredients required to do any of the Cleanses. They have an Indian version of the Zapper (including pulsar and colloidal silver maker for Rs 11,000) and they ship all over India. For ordering and pricing, please contact them directly.

For Zapper availability, please contact:
Santosh Keshri
Phone: 8369045838

Mr Sharad Ajnadkar at Jalgaon (09822230684 or 09834048882) can give you the best quality corn silk for Rs 4000/- per kg. For remittance and dispatch please contact him directly.

Please contact us at to get more information.


No Cleanse Ingredients Availability Approx. Price
1. Kidney Corn Silk (fresh) 500gms/(dried) 50g Local Vendor Rs. 100/-
2. Kidney
  Unani Haquim shop Rs. 1000
3. Kidney Parsley/Coriander Leaves 500g Vegetables shop Rs. 250
4. Kidney Watermelon seeds 100g Local vendor / Seeds store Rs.100/-
5. Parasite Cleanse Clarkia Tincture 60ml bottle Rs. 2,500/-
6. Parasite Cleanse Zapper Imported From USA Rs. 25,000/-
7. Parasite Cleanse Zapper India Rs. 11,000/-
8. Liver Cleanse Epsom Salt (MgSO4.7H20) 20g x 4 sachets Any local Chemist Rs. 20 to 40 per sachet
9. Liver Cleanse Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml Food section of any mall Rs. 250/-
10. Joint Cleanse Apple Cider Vinegar 1 litre Stores selling foreign food item Rs. 500/-
11. Joint Cleanse Black Molasses 1 litre Grocery Store Rs. 1200/-
12. Joint Cleanse   Sugar Mills# Rs. 50/-
13. Joint Cleanse Honey 100g Any grocery shop Rs. 60/-
14. Fat Cleanse hCG 500 IU x 6 ampoules Any Chemist Rs. 1,200/-
15. Fat Cleanse 11/2" 26 Gauge syringes Any chemist Rs. 250/-
16. Mouth Cleanse Sesame (तिल) Oil Any grocery shop Rs. 150/-
17. PCOS Marigold Flower Flower Shop Rs. 100/-
18. Fertility Cleanse Castor Oil Any Grocery Shop Rs. 150/-

Note: Prices have been given on an estimated basis. They may vary depending upon the location and availability of the ingredients.
#Note: Black molasses bought from sugar mills cannot be preserved.