Our Mission

We do not charge any consultation fees. We dont accept any donations. We do not promote any specific brand.

The Temple of Healing was formed in order to spread various alternative and low-cost therapies like Cleansing Therapy to everyone free of cost. Though the activities of the group have been continued for several years, a need was felt to lend a formal structure to their activities and as a result, a trust was formed in 2010. The organisation aims to carry on the objectives of the founder members and spread the benefits of these alternative therapies to everyone.

Dr Piyush Saxena had been in very bad shape of health in 2003. He had very low energy levels, very poor absorption of food and suffered from constant fatigue in addition to allergy from 40+ times. He told a close friend about it and they suggested that he should visit www.curezone.com and try liver cleanse, which is gaining popularity in USA. Fed up with the situation he did his first liver cleanse as the last alternative. Then, feeling encouraged by some improvement in his health, he began practicing on his family members, then neighbours and finally close friends. The success, as seen by way of improvement in their health, was astonishing.

He never thought for a moment that these simple health tips would bring so much relief to so many. It is highly satisfying when a patient of his, reports how pleased he is with the progress that he has made after undergoing this treatment. As an added benefit, patients also report how pleased their family members are with the results of the treatment, as borne out by the pathological test reports of increased haemoglobin, decreased serum creatinine levels, improved liver and kidney functioning, as well as reduced allergies etc.

Day after day he received phone calls from people all over India and abroad, telling him how much they have benefited from following this treatment and thanking him for talking and writing about it. He feel so much humble and grateful when he learn that somebody, somewhere, whom he has never even seen, feels better because of something that he have done. He feels that the results of his efforts during the past twelve years have gone beyond his wildest dreams.

His articles on Kidney cleanse, Acidity Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Arthritis cure, Health hazards of using mobile phone, Piles/varicose veins, Sleep, How to Avoid processed/pasteurized milk, Diet: Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, Clay Therapy, Cerebral Palsy, Biography of blood, Urine Therapy etc were published in the Hindi magazine, "Health aur Nutrition", one article per month for 62 months continuously till February 2010 when the publishing of this magazine was closed. Incidentally, this magazine used to sell 1,32,000 copies per month, the highest in non-English health magazines in India.

Besides this, many of his articles were published by leading newspapers and other magazines. He has frequently appeared on various talk shows with TV and Radio. He has conducted many workshop on this subject at premier institutions like RBI, Customs, CBI to name a few.

Dr Saxena has developed this cleansing therapy taking reference from home remedies of India and abroad and modifying them to Indian reference. So far, he has developed 28 cleanses and all of them are available here on this website. Dr Saxena has experimented with almost all the cleanses on himself, his father, mother, wife, son and daughter.

The Temple of Healing does not promote the products of any company. We do not charge any consultation fees or seek donations for the therapy. We promote Cleansing Therapy solely for our personal satisfaction and promotion of social awareness. This declaration has also been mentioned in our book "Cure Yourself" 2009 Print edition. The same feeling and gesture continues till date with increased vigour.