Our Objective

We wanted to check the reliability and repeatability of tests done over a very short duration.

Pathological examination of Dr Piyush Saxena at MGM Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai done at a difference of 48 hours to test the veracity of the tests conducted by super speciality Hospitals.

Registration No.









Mildly enlarged,
Increased parenchymal echo texture

Normal in size,
Homogenous parenchymal echo texture

Right Kidney measurements

11.6cm x 4.7cm

11.00cm x 5.1 cm

Left Kidney measurements

10.4cm x 5.3cm

11.1cm x 5.3 cm

Prostrate measurements

4.8cm x 3.3cm x 3.3cm

4.7cm x 4.0cm x 2.9cm

Prostatic weight

26 gms

29 gms


Mild fatty infiltration of liver

No comments


Mild prostatic hypertrophy

Mild prostatomegaly

Name of Doctor

Dr. Ankur Patil, MD, DMRD, DMRE,
Radiologist & Sonologist

Dr. Nayana Salian, MBBS, DMRE,
Radiologist & Sonologist

You can find the original reports here.

Both these doctors knew that I had written a book and I am well versed with the pathological procedures. They took special care to investigate my case to the best of their capabilities. However, I had not informed them that I was doing a comparative study of their reports. Both the doctors have performed these tests in same lab using the same lab equipments.

After getting both the reports, I found significant differences in both the reports over a span of just 48 hours! When I asked them to explain the reasons for such a huge differences in the reports. They immediately became defensive and started to justify and rationalise their results by explaining their limitations.

Unfortunately, I could not follow up further on this issue because I have time limitations due to my other responsibilities.