Actor, Activist, Politician

Kunickaa Sadaanand

Bollywood….… just the mention of the word creates excitement and curiosity. Unfortunately not many people are interested in the picture behind the gloss. Being part of the film industry for the past 22 years, I knew the pain and hard work that went hand in glove with the fame. But I ain’t complaining! Though talking about pain, I really wished I could wish it away. Attributing it to my exercise regimen and emotionally challenging profession, I started shirking from exercise, especially on days when I was not feeling too good emotionally or physically. Somewhere around 1997, I could see my clothes size getting bigger and then I got into the vicious circle of - you feel fat - you stress - you eat - you feel fat and you actually become fat. After putting on weight, I started suffering from water retention. The body pain didn’t get any better and remarks from friends and acquaintances, “Haven’t you put on weight?” were a lot to deal with. To top it someone suggested an allergy test and I discovered I was allergic to about 40 things. By now it was 2007.

I had reconciled to a life of being overweight with numerous restricting allergies, terrible itching all over my body, sinus and mild asthma (because of allergies), red patches on my skin, body pain and thyroid. I would start my day with anti-allergy tablets and what not. Then in May this year I discovered Dr Piyush’s treatment, from Sambhavna. She too is an actor and a very dear colleague of mine whom I affectionately call Sam. I saw her after a gap of more than six months. I was shocked at her weight loss. I congratulated her. She asked me about a red patch on my neck and I said jokingly, “Oh this is a sign of my royal blood.” She obviously didn’t find it amusing and I knew in my heart how untrue that statement was. She took it upon herself to explain to me the treatment formulated by Dr Piyush and its benefits, it sounded completely impractical and gross. But am I glad I did it! After a month of interacting with Sam and asking Dr Saxena all sorts of questions under the Sun, I took that step towards well-being. Today I feel I have embarked on a new journey, with a new zest for life and endeavour to help more people with this wonderful magical treatment. Not only I have stopped taking pain killers and anti-allergy tablets but my digestion has also improved by hundred times. My hypothyroidism is under control. I don’t feel exhausted anymore. I am full of dreams of the future. Dr Piyush and his cleansing treatments etc are a blessing for mankind. I recommend it to everyone..

Sambhavna Seth

Kunickaa has expressed in so much detail that not much is left for me to write. However, I take the credit of introducing her to Dr Saxena. I had been suffering from severe allergies and had been on regular medication. I had hormonal problems also. Besides, I used to have severe joint pain in my knees. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and prescribed ‘Regestrone’ on a regular basis to reduce the pain. My treating doctor took one hour to counsel that I shall not be able to dance (which is my profession) in the future so I must change my line of work. Fortunately in Oct. 2007, I met Dr Piyush Saxena on a shooting where I was giving dance performance for the ‘item number’. He gave me a draft of his book ‘Cure Yourself’, which I read. Then I spoke to him and he personally monitored my three liver cleanses over a period of two months. My allergies vanished gradually. My joint pain has vanished and my weight has come down from 64 kg to 58 kg. My hormonal problems are over. I feel much better now and I do not take any medicine. The honest truth is that I have forgotten that I had any medical problems in the past. I now have higher energy levels and I am able to perform better in my all activities.

Actor and Danseuse

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Sreedevi Kapoor

Progress is good for humanity. How many of us, however, pause to really think about what this so-called progress means for us and the change that it has brought about in our lives? People often say that pollution has increased. Population has led to more crowding everywhere, than ever seen before. Ambitions have grown, leading to a gradual shifting of individual priorities from the family to one's own career. More opportunities accrue to people, who are increasingly accepting them and the challenges they bring. Success brings money and recognition in its wake.

However, all of this has not come without a steep price, though unknowingly and without any forewarning. Our progress has seriously affected our lives and proven highly detrimental to our health. This trend will only worsen in the foreseeable future.

Rajendra Gupta

We were doing a serial in which Kunickaa is acting with me. During shooting sometimes we have to sit idle because other people are performing. That day we were on a break when Kunickaa told me about this magical treatment. I could not believe it but she was adamant. To close the topic, I told her to send to me the book of Dr Saxena by email. My wife and I started to read the book on our computer next day. It was 1 pm. By the time we were midway through the book, I called up Kunickaa and told her that I wanted to do the liver cleanse same day. She told me about the requirement of light food during the previous night and I confirmed that I had unknowingly complied with the conditions. Why delay? And I started the liver cleanse within 24 hours of my knowing about it. The effects were amazing. Earlier I used to get tired by evening. I had fatigue and lethargy. All that has gone. I am feeling very fresh now. I have already told many people about it.

Bollywood Actor

Film Director

Dr Abhishek Chadha

Dr Saxena has worked with me in two films. During leisure, I got an opportunity to overhear his discussions with other artists on naturopathy. Finally I visited his office and understood the whole procedure of the liver cleanse. He assured me that liver cleanse will give general improvement in my health which I definitely got. I appreciate selfless attitude of Dr Saxena in the service of the mankind.

Ajeet Varma

Piyush is no less than a younger brother to me - though we are not related. We also shared many years working together in different organizations, including Reliance. Piyush has been genuinely concerned about my chronic problems resulting from acute acidity and was strongly recommending that I undergo liver cleansing process. However, I ignored his advice for about four years till about eight months ago, when the problem and the discomfort peaked. Piyush personally administered and monitored my kidney, acidity, parasite and liver cleanse processes. I have been feeling not only better and relieved but also more energetic and rejuvenated since then. My only regret is not having listened to Piyush earlier. Anyway, it is better late than never. I wish that the cleansing therapy reaches every home to benefit all.

Corporate Head, Finance

Financial Consultant

P. Sanyal

Piyush has been very dear to me. I have closely seen his passion for learning alternative therapies during kidney problems of his younger brother. That young life came to an end despite putting in all possible efforts. That could be the trigger for his mission to provide tips to people about cleansing therapy through naturopathy. Knowing him, I was very certain that the well researched cleansing therapy will be very useful. I had been very keen to take benefit of his treatment. Every weekend I felt that ‘next week would be most suitable’. Many weeks passed without realising that the whole treatment requires only a couple of hours time which can be spared any day. Last month, I met Ajeet Varma, a friend who is also very close to Piyush. He explained to me the benefit and the overall sense of well being he felt after undergoing treatment by sparing just a couple of hours. I felt guilty for not undergoing the treatment much earlier, particularly since I knew about his research work long before the idea of writing this book came to his mind.

Finally, I went through the kidney and liver cleanse process. It was mildly discomforting during the evening the treatment started. Next morning I felt a little weak. Since I have full faith and trust in dear Piyush’s statements, I continued as per instructions. There was some discomfort, though much less than the previous evening. I improved a lot by noon. By late afternoon, I went for along drive and then went out for dinner. Next morning onwards I started feeling better, my joint pains reduced quite a bit. My energy level has increased. Most importantly my internal systems seem pampered. Encouraged by my improved health and observing that the suffering was minimal, my wife also did liver cleanse. Other family members, relatives and friends are doing it shortly.

K.P. Singh

I learnt about liver cleanse in 2005, I had the problem of poor digestion, tidiness in my life and high levels of acidity. I did the liver cleanse and repeated it after five months. First liver cleanse gave me good relief. After that I met Dr. Saxena in Mumbai and discussed with him about the chronic problem of my stomach pain. His advice helped me and I am fully satisfied with his treatment which have no side effects. After second liver cleanse I felt very alert, energetic and fresh. I have advised many people to do liver cleanse and all of them are very satisfied after doing this. I wish him all success in future.

MLA (Ex-Minister of MP)

Software Engineer

Vishal Gupta

I have obtained great benefit from the liver cleansing treatment prescribed by Dr Piyush Saxena. My claim is supported by my blood reports from 21.07.2005 to 16.10.2006 which clearly show how my fatty liver and high SGOT (121.4 on 21.07.2005, 68.5 on 03.06.2006 and 39.3 on 16.10.2006) and SGPT were considerably reduced. This is a clear indication that my liver functions have tremendously improved.

I must mention that for my high SGPT and SGOT I visited several well-known allopathic doctors but none could provide me with relief. Dr Piyush Saxena’s treatment did what no allopathic medicine could do.  

Santosh Pyasi

Dr Piyush Saxena visited my office in Nov. 2004. He discussed about the liver cleanse and the kidney cleanse. He expressed the desire that his articles on cleansing therapies could be given place in my magazine. Frankly speaking, I was apprehensive. Many people come to us boasting about their magical treatments. Our magazine Hindi ‘Health’ is number one amongst all magazines on health in Hindi in India. I was in a dilemma. But Dr Piyush Saxena was not like others. He confirmed that he does not expect any remuneration for publishing the articles. He wanted that more and more people could know about cleansing therapy, which can cure 90% of physical ailments without causing any side effects to their body. He was carrying a couple of medical reports. All were reassuring that DrSaxena could be correct. He realised my concern. He suggested that I should try his kidney cleanse to begin with. I along with my one colleague tried it. I was so overwhelmed with the effect that I decided to give it a try and publish his therapy. In January 2005, his first article appeared about kidney cleanse. We got many phone calls and letters. I published his other articles and we continuously receive positive phone calls and letters. Since then, I have published his 41 articles (i.e. one article every month) so far. I am proud that through publishing his articles, I am also taking part in propagating cleansing therapy.

Editor, Stardust (Hindi)

HR Corporate Head

Rahul Saxena

I admit that my several sicknesses have not bothered me for last more than two years, i.e. since when I did first cleanse. I was on the verge of being asthmatic (as I used to travel to cement plants of Rajasthan). Second was again when my frequency of travelling to Orissa’s remote iron ore mines and steel plants was very high. The all season dust in mines, the heavy pollution in steel plants failed to make any dent on my inner strength which saved me from notorious infections of that part. Further travelling in local trains of Mumbai is another place where one can easily get any major or minor infection. I have so far escaped from any illness largely due to green juices, kidney and liver cleansing. I request all patients that that they should make a list of the gravity of all their medical problems on a 10 point scale before and after doing the liver cleanse - one point being lowest on agony and 10 being highest.

Do the suitable cleansing and again write their observations on the same 10-point scale. I am sure that the patient will feel the benefit of the cleansing!

Tripti Saxena

I have known the author since 1965 when I was born. I am his sister, 6 years younger to him. When I happened to see a draft of his book, I felt like sharing some facts about dada and the process of this book. Two years back he was trying zapper at my home. He was trying to feel the mild current on his neck, tongue and elbow. All of a sudden he called my son to bring a hot needle. He said that if the current is to be felt by blood then best results should come if resistance of the skin is removed. I thought that he has gone crazy. Before I could argue, he had pricked his left ring finger. Blood came in a few drops.

Then he put the zapper copper pipe on the injured finger directly. This zapping gave him mild pain which I could see from his face but he continued. He observed that the parasites are best zapped when the low current is given to the cut body parts e.g. prick, mosquito bite or an injury. But it damages the wound. Therefore, he has not mentioned such zapping in parasite cleanse chapter. Dada did not permit us to prick our fingers for zapping. I feel the need to tell about this incident to elaborate the process in which starting from dada, bhabhi, children, parents and we family members were guinea pigs to arrive at a conclusion. He always did all experiments on himself first.

Once he consumed 50 grams of Epsom salts to see the effect. On another occasion, he consumed 60 ml apple cider vinegar in one minute. This has now culminated in this book with safe and easy-to-follow guidelines. I had been least interested in his cleansing therapy till 2006 when I developed urticaria and I had to most unwillingly depend on anti-allergic tablets. Dada kept advising me about liver cleanse but I turned a deaf ear. In March 2007 dada challenged me and made two statements: 1. My allergies will be gradually tapered forever and finally cured in two months through four proper liver cleanses.

2. I shall be cured by no other therapy whatsoever I try.

I was desperate to win. I tried everything. As I am just six years younger to him, sibling rivalry is always there. I wanted to prove him wrong. I tried many different remedies. The allergic episodes were reduced but then again they came back. It seemed that I was losing. Finding no relief from my choice of therapy, I decided to try first liver cleanse with a wish that it should fail. But I lost and wow, the problem was reduced by 30 – 40 % in one go forever. I tried second time and I improved further. Then I did complete parasite cleanse course. I took parasite tincture, green juices, colloidal silver water, used zapper and did the third liver cleanse last year.

From that day till now I have no allergy problem. I eat anything, I go anywhere. My energy levels have shot up and my weight reduced from 68 to 64 kg. I feel that by losing the battle with dada, I won the war with my health.

General Manager, MTNL

Asst. Commr, Central Excise

S. Devendra

Two years back Dr Piyush Saxena was in Bhopal. He was having a discussion on the benefits of cleansing therapy and how it can help society at large. I became interested. I am 48 years old and I have stomach & lower intestine heaviness due to my regular diet being disturbed. DrSaxena persuaded me to do liver cleanse under his personal supervision. He attended to me from the beginning upto the end of my liver cleanse procedure.

We saw lots of gallstones in the toilet. From that day I repeat this process regularly. I advise everyone suffering from stomach or intestinal trouble to do liver cleanse. I have full faith that once this treatment is completed one feels light, full of vigor and free from any mental tension. My wife Mini had problems of kidney stones and pain in stomach. The cleansing therapy reduced her pains gradually and the stones vanished in two months. We lost 4kg and 3kg respectively. Even the senior urologist was surprised to see the outcome. Mini and I thank you for discovering this therapy

Sanjeev Agarwal

I am a businessman from Almora. I am directly related to allopathic hospitals in the northern part of the country. I was suffering from various ailments and although I had many allopathic practitioners as friends I was unable to get rid of the same. I heard about the leansing therapy propagated by DrSaxena on VividhBharati. I talked to him. I along with my brother Ajay Agarwal, went for the same and no doubt benefited a lot from it, especially from the liver cleanse.

I suffered from numerous problems like acidity, burping, anaemia, indigestion, weakness, depression, loss of appetite, weight loss etc. I happened to watch DrSaxena on television and decided to try out his treatment, since I had nothing to lose. I am happy to say that thanks to his treatment, my problems have lessened to a substantial degree. I am continuing this reatment in order to solve my problem completely. I am much better and I have become more attractive now. I lost 2 kg weight. My husband comes back home early and we do family outings more often. Whenever my husband Sanjeev sees a happy family, he says that all of them must have done liver cleanse. He deals in computer peripherals. He gives 10% cash discount to customers who have done liver cleanse. His Reliance Webworld customers get 5% discount, if they have done liver cleanse. Long Live Cleanse Therapy!



Sangeeta Verma

I suffered from numerous problems like acidity, burping, anaemia, indigestion, weakness, depression, loss of appetite, weight loss etc. I happened to watch Dr Saxena on television and decided to try out his treatment, since I had nothing to lose. I am happy to say that thanks to his treatment, my problems have lessened to a substantial degree. I am continuing this reatment in order to solve my problem completely. I am much better and I have become more attractive now. I lost 2 kg weight. My husband comes back home early and we do family outings more often. Whenever my husband Sanjeev sees a happy family, he says that all of them must have done liver cleanse. He deals in computer peripherals. He gives 10% cash discount to customers who have done liver cleanse. His Reliance Webworld customers get 5% discount, if they have done liver cleanse. Long Live Cleanse Therapy!

Yogendra Kumar Verma

I am aged 42 years. I repair computers. I have a touring job. There is no regular schedule for my daily chores such as sleeping, eating etc. Generally I used to eat outside food as most of the time I was on field duty. These all affected my health seriously. Stomach problems such as gas troubles, constipation, stiffness in stomach and headaches were routine things for me. I also had severe back trouble in form of cervical spondylitis. I had to take Voveran injections twice a week. I started putting on lot of weight (from 55 kg to 60 kg within two-months’ time). Body pain, headaches, loss of energy, constipation, gas troubles, fever etc were more frequent. I became hopeless and despondent. I understood that I would have to pop these colourful pills and bear the side effects of the same. Ultrasound, sonography, MRI, CT scan, blood and urine test and X-rays, I went through these entire tests but they were of no use. In August 2006, a friend advised me to visit the website and follow the cleansing therapies of DrPiyushSaxena. I lost no time and downloaded all the relevant documents. After reading the cleansing procedure for four days, I did my first liver cleanse on 19th August 2006. During the process I had to visit the bathroom for 12-13 times and found some 125-135 brown colored stones. After the cleanse, my health improved a lot immediately. I got a new life. Then I did my second and third liver cleanse. I got rid of almost all of my ailments and the medicines prescribed for me. Now, I am enjoying a medicine free life. My wife and eight-year old son have also done kidney and liver cleanse and no doubt, they too, have benefited from it. Almost a dozen of my friends have followed the same and immensely benefited from it.

Computer Professional


Sharda Dodke

I have done liver cleansing three times till date. It is a very effective way through which my sugar is under control even without any medicine. My problems of depression, fatigue came down. Mujhe itna achchha laga ki bata nahin sakti. My weight reduced from 71 kg to 66 kg. Each time I do liver cleanse I feel more energetic. I have persuaded many of my relatives and friends to do this therapy. All of them are very happy about it.

P. Kannan

Two years back, I suddenly went into low health. I got treatment at many places but to no advantage. I was full of lethargy and suffered from inactivity, low energy level, poor digestion and extreme weakness throughout the day. I was observing Sir advising about liver cleanse but I could not understand the whole process due to my low literacy level and also did not have the courage to ask him about the same. I was taking frequent leave also. One morning I requested him that I need leave because I was feeling tired. Sir told me clearly, “Take whatever money you need, go to the best hospital for treatment, get well otherwise leave the job. Else do one liver cleanse at my responsibility.” I had no option, I did liver cleanse. I improved a lot. I did another liver cleanse after three months. I got a new life. I am fine now for the past two years. I am happy that Sir has involved me with him in the propagation of this therapy.


Corporate Professional


Over the last three to four decades a great deal of research has been done by the medical fraternity and more often than not people have started to recognize the health benefits of naturopathy. While I was on the lookout for a proper treatment to reduce my LDL cholesterol level, I happened to discuss it with DrPiyushSaxena. He has recommended kidney cleanse and liver cleanse process. I readily took it up as a challenge and have gone through these two processes a number of times, which have really helped in improving my health. After liver cleanse process the cholesterol level has considerably reduced and I enjoy its benefit. I used to be 66 kg and now I am 61 kg. I recommend both the kidney cleanse and liver cleanse process to others, so that they can also enjoy the benefit rather than taking a prolonged allopathic treatment.

S. Aradhana

After about 4 liver cleanses, everytime I felt great with high energy, feeling light and healthy. But my asthma problem hasn't gone completely. If I catch a cold due to dust allergy or exposure to cold humid climate, I immediately get asthma. It would be great if there is a remedy for the same.

Abha Saxena

Good that was refereshing!

Ajay Goel (9930362223)

Thank you very much for such a wonderful way of curing ailments. God Bless you. Have done the liver cleanse once and joints cleanse twice and at the age of 62 and half am living a very happy and healthy life.

Dharmesh Bhardwaj (9911596133)

Feeling better and I helped 12 person including my family members and friends of Liver cleanse successful.

Kashif Khan

This is the best technique ever for liver cleanse...and i started to share this technique with my family and best wishes with Dr. Saxena...

Amar Kumar (9812089356)

It was very good experience for me regarding my health and after done that I feel myself more active and healthy. I suggested to do Lever and Kidney cleanse many others for their stomach/urine related issues and the results was surprising.

Girish Bhatia

Have done 5 liver cleanse and 2 for my father. Fatty liver condition is now gone. Have been doing kidney cleanse regularly. However I have recently reported serum cretenin and father developed prostrate that was cured 2 yrs ago. Hope we are not doing too many kidney cleanses. We do once or twice a month. Others have also found it useful. Thanks for everything Sir.


बहुत अच्छा लगा, बरसों पुरानी ब़्लोटिंग और गैस से छुटकारा मिला है, आगे भी करती रहूँगी, बहुत आभारी हूँ डॉक्टर पीयूष की,धन्यवाद।

Avinash Hasabnis

Liver cleansing helped to control my cholesterol level.

Amreen Darpan Singh

I have completed my 2nd liver cleanse under the guidance of S. Nirmal Singh ji ludhaina. In those cleanses i manage to take out nearly 500gm green stone which i think is cholesterol.

Muskan (9414309380)

Hi I'm muskaan Bella's daughter ...Fatima ji asked me to share my experience  so I'm sharing may 2018 I felt sick and I had low Hb and high BP ...I didn't like to eat anything felt nausea ...on 1st August all my test reports were done and dr. suggested me to show to a nephrologist.....on 2nd August  2018 I was hospitalized and was kept in ICU. My 1st dialysis was done on 3rd August 2018. Im still undergoing dialysis. During this period as my parents were scared for me and didn't want to believe allopathic doctors my mother found out a treatment in naturopathy by Dr. Piyush Saxena sir ....I was very scared to do a liver cleanse but my parents gave me full support by doing a liver cleanse on them 1st....then 1st time on dialysis I did a liver cleanse on 6 October....After liver cleanse my body was light and energetic and my BP reduced since then . It's just that my creatinine level is high I hope this liver cleanse helps me to improve my kidney as well as my health....Fatima ji suggested me a kidney cleanse...plzz suggest anymore therapies or cleanses that I can do bcoz I'm determined to heal myself naturally. Thanks

Kailash agarwal (7002212403)

Liver cleansing was very effective and benefcial.

H V Patel

It is extremely good and simple technique for cleansing body from inside. Perceptible change was notice after cleansing. During my first Liver Cleansing process more than 40 stones(different sizes) were removed from gallbladder. Excellent home therapy, by and large not much supervision required.At the age of 64 year I am feeling healthy and always fresh. I have done more than 10 times master cleaning. Thanks Doctor.

Prakash Chand (9968656999)

My name is Prakash Chand and age is 49 years. I am a computer engineer in Government Office. I was suffering from Asthma last 20 years. I was on regular medicines and was taking daily inhaler and tablet to manage my asthma. I took Homeopathy, allopathy and Ayurveda treatment to cure this disease but could not get success. In this, would like to say that I took regular medicine of homeopathy for two half years after seeing no relief I discontinued this treatment. After discussion with ayurvedic Doctor, I started Ayurvedic medicine for one and half years but could not get permanent relief from ayurvedic too. I have also attended 15 days yoga course at Bangalore at SVYSA. And attended Sri Sri Ravi Shanakr basic yoga course these all given me temporary relief. From all these I got temporary relief only.

Around two month back, I saw Dr. Piyush Saxena vedio on youtube regarding liver cleanising and then kidney cleansing, after his brief description related above topic, I got some hope. I sent a mail at email-id ( which was given at Dr. Saxena’s programm. I briefed my history of disease in email.

Just next a received a reply email from Fatima Madam. She read my history and suggested for liver cleansing and she given phone number of Shri Sunil Vaid Delhi volunteer for contacting if any help required. Then I contacted many times with Shri Sunil Vaid regarding liver cleansing. After so many discussions I was still in confusion what to do. Then one day Shri Sunil Vaid infomed me that there is a program of Dr. Piyush Saxena on 23 September at Indrapuram, UP. I attended that program with my wife and then after seeing I got interested in it. Then I purchased the material required for liver cleansing and kidney cleansing.

After attending Dr. Piyush Saxena program at Indrapuram , I learned so many new things to cure various types of disease.

Today, I am feeling happy to inform you that I almost recovered from my Asthma disease. Now, not taking any medicine from last 25 days.

I did the following things-

  1. First Liver cleansing on 24/09/2018
  2. I quitted tea from 24/09/2018. I was usually taking it two times one in morning and 2nd in the evening and third one some time in office.
  3. Taking vegetable juice 250ml daily in the morning empty stomach. Using Kheera, carrot, green, petha, amla, chukander, radish, lemon. Taking vegetable whichever available in the market - 4 days in a week.
  4. Using curry patta 2-3 leaf + amla 2-3 +1/2 lemon + corriander juice 20ml Juice +adding 200 ml water - 3 days in a week.
  5. Daily going to park at 5:30AM
  6. 30 minutes, barefoot brisk walking on grass and 45 minutes other yoga/meditation.
  7. 1/2 hr normal yoga at home in the evening.
  8. I did alternate day Jalneti (I learned this in a Yoga Program)
  9. Mouth oil pulling once after three days. (Got knowledge from Dr. Piyush Saxena Seminar)
  10. Taking breakfast, lunch and diner normal as was doing earlier.
  11. For betterment I am still following above all except 1 number.

I followed above 20 days regularly, then I observe a strange change in my health. Acidity gone completely, it was a another very big problem for me. Getting good sleep now.

During breathing, I am feeling very light chest ie no heaviness, no sound in chest and no pain at all. Coughing has gone, earlier, I was coughing consciously in office/ home. My life had become pathetic.

All team of Apna Ilaaj Appne Haath (AIAH) are very prominent. I would like to thanks Fatima Madam and Shri Sunil kumar Vaid who personally phoned me during my liver cleansing process for taking update and guidance if required. My wife has also completed one liver and kidney cleansing under my guidance and her various health related problem has been solved.

Thanks to all team.